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We are specialized in breeding and export of different breeds of
dairy goats. Our dairy goats are all from high genetic level and
selected for breeding. All our animals are highly healthy and in well
conditions to get pregnant.

We are able to supply you large quantities of livestock, and to
deliver them in a large number of countries by different ways :
vessel, truck or plane.

Body Mass:

The size of a goat can be between 20 to 140 kilograms as it varies
from different types of breeds.

Milking abilities:

  • 4+ litres of milk per day at peak Lactation

Price Determination(Shipping/delivery expenses NOT included):

  • We have bottle goat kids of between 4 and 8 weeks $50 each
  • Older goat kids $75 each
  • Yearling does/nannies $90 each
  • Pregnant does/nannies $110 each
  • Buck or male goats $100 each

We are specialized in the following breed of goats:

  • Alpines goats
  • Oberhaslis goats
  • Saanens goats
  • Toggenburgs goats
  • LaManchas goats
  • Nigerian Dwarf goats
  • Anglo-nubian goats
  • Boer goat