Assaf Sheep

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Sheep :

Our sheep are raised in a very clean environment, very free from
contamination and a team of vet doctors are standby to ensure that our
sheep are healthy and disease free and they are tested for CAE and
JOHNES. We ship and deliver our milk sheep to our customers worldwide
alongside all valid documents and certificates required such as
Pedigree,Veterinary Certificates, health guarantee.

Sheep Mass :

  • Male: 45 – 160 kg
  • Female: 45 – 100 kg
  • lambs may weight upto 19kg

Average milk production :

  • 3+ litres per day

Price Determination(Shipping/delivery expenses NOT included):

  • We have lambs, Rams, Ewes, pregnant ewes
  • We have bottle lambs of between 4 and 8 weeks $60 each
  • Older lambs $90 each
  • Yearling ewes $110 each
  • Pregnant ewes $130 each

We are specialized in the following breed of sheep:

  • East Friesian sheep
  • Lacaune sheep
  • Awassi Sheep
  • Assaf sheep
  • Dorper sheep